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Cerena Robertson



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“Pierced” is a 36 inch by 48 inch oil painting on stretched canvas. I was inspired to make it after putting on a new pair of earrings, and hitting a certain pose in the mirror that stuck with me. There was no reference used for the woman figure in the painting, and the entire piece is free-styled. Although the subject is not of myself- or of anyone for that matter- the painting reminds me of an indescribable feeling I have about my relationship with beauty.


In total, this painting was two weeks of work with 4 days on the hair alone. It is the most challenging painting I’ve done yet, especially with it being almost my height.

This canvas is called “Pierced” for many reasons including the piercings on the face and ears. I also wanted a focus to be on the red all over the painting, and in the midst of my freestyle I decided to add roses as well as thorns to compliment them. The expression is meant to be sassy to go well with the soft yet simultaneously bold details throughout the piece.

This painting has been sold, and the investor asked that it be relocated to a community space.

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