About Me

I’m a self-taught artist born and raised in Philadelphia, PA to my Jamaican mother and father. I began teaching myself art at age 5, and selling paintings at age 15 to be able to afford art school with the burden of higher education costs weighing on just my mother and myself. Now at age 21, I am lucky enough to be continuing my creative passion as a painter- full time!
Although art is my #1 passion, I’m even more passionate about reflecting the underrepresented beauty in melanin. Emphasizing the way the colors on skin pop, the shadows dance, and the light bounces off of the skin has to be the most important element of every painting for me.

My ultimate goal is to one day own an inclusive art gallery to connect struggling contemporary artists of color to the collectors that would appreciate and fund their work in order to continue creating. With your help, I can do that in my lifetime. Thank you for visiting and supporting!