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Cerena Robertson

Jawn with the Pearl Earring ORIGINAL

Jawn with the Pearl Earring ORIGINAL

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“Jawn with the Pearl Earring” is an 18”x24” (inches) oil painting on canvas panel. The canvas panel is sturdy, does not rip, and is signed by yours truly.

The inspiration for this piece was drawn from a challenge I created for myself to paint a side profile of a beautiful woman with beauty marks, curly edges, and a different hairstyle than what is usually seen in my collection. The green contrast tops it all off to add coolness to the piece, contrasting the rich warm tone of the subject’s skin. 
I did not use a reference.


Only one is available. Shipping within the US will be through UPS using 3-day shipping, as shipping outside of the US will be through DHL. Please message me if you are outside of the US!

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